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Things Are Changing

Steve has embarked on a new project, and we invite you to come join us and take a look at

The Diamond Hour

This is where you will find the newest and most exciting material Steve has been developing, as well as the place where you will find an unprecedented opportunity to interact with Steve.

Steve's other programs will still be available as well as the extensive archives we maintain at this site, but The Diamond Hour is where the cutting edge material will be found, so please do join us there, or take a look at the programs below to see if that is what will be the best fit for you.

Welcome to the Lifewriting Website and Archive

Things have been growing at a great pace, both here at, and for our community.

This year will bring many positive changes to the site and what we have to offer, as well as some much needed updating.

Until the updates are finished, and the new content added we will continue to provide all the material people have found so useful in the Lifewriting archives.

We are also maintaining the old links to the Five Minute Miracle, the Lifewriting Forum, and the Lifewriting Yearlong, so please feel free to access them from the navigation buttons to your left.

You will find my daily writings on my blog and I invite you to join me there for some lively and interesting discussions.

For a limited time you have an opportunity to join my pilot "101 Day" body/mind program at no charge to you.

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