Why I say:  "If Law Schools produced as few working lawyers as Writing programs produce working writers, they'd be prosecuted for Fraud!"

The origins of the Lifewriting Year-Long course, the sum total of everything I ve learned in twenty-five years of professional writing.  

Hi! My name is Steven Barnes, and over the years I've published over two million words of novels, stories and articles.  I ll do more to establish my bona fides later, but the important thing is that you understand that writing is what I love (in fact, there are only three things in the world that I spend any time on: writing, martial arts, and my relationship to family and friends).

For twenty five years, I ve toiled in the trenches, creating books like   Dream Park and The Legacy of Heorot (a New York Times bestseller) and written for The Twilight Zone .  I ve had my ups and downs with my career, but currently, life is great.  My twentieth novel, Great Sky Woman (set 30,000 years ago in East Africa) comes out in June of 2006, and I have a film in development at Fox Searchlight.  Sweet.

One of the things you have to understand about me is that I never had any confidence in my ability to craft a career on talent alone.  In fact I don t really believe in talent. I believe in honesty and hard work, over time.  To this end, I ve been obsessed with digging deeper and deeper into the question of who am I studying every self-improvement discipline I could find, challenging myself by jumping out of airplanes, walking on hot coals, kickboxing, teaching and lecturing, swimming with dolphins, broiling in sweat lodges,  and anything else I could find that would give me a fingernail fragment s more insight into my psyche and wiring.

Along the way, I was   nominated for Hugo and Nebula Awards, won the Endeavor Award for LION'S BLOOD, and was nominated for the Cable Ace Award for my television work, which also garnered an Emmy for the "A Stitch In Time" episode of THE OUTER LIMITS.   Want to see more about my books? Check  here on Amazon.  Want to know more about what I've written for television? Check out my profile on IMDB, the International Movie DataBase. (try to find another writing instructor who'd make THAT offer!)

Over the years, I ve spent countless hours   lecturing on story telling, myth, and human consciousness--as well as the nuts-and-bolts of practical, selling writing.  

I ve taught at  UCLA and Seattle University, lectured at USC, Mensa, the Pasadena Jet Propulsion Lab, the Smithsonian Institute, the Clarion Science Fiction Workshop, and the Maui Writer's Conference.

Here s a grim challenge: do your internet search and try to find a writing instructor who doesn't make most of his bucks teaching. That's the sad state of affairs.

And it makes me fighting Mad. I LOVE  writers, and writing, and the life it's given me. And over the years I ve given away tons of free writing advice (check out www.lifewrite.com!) to writers all over the world. But I m disgusted with the state of most MFA and writing programs, both at the University level and in "specialized" education houses. (By the way--I have nothing but respect for those programs who actually turn out working writers. If you are lucky enough to have one of those on your resume, run back and kiss your teacher RIGHT NOW! Most students aren't that lucky.)

Over the years thousands of students have begged me to put my core teachings--a trademarked, unique approach   called "Lifewriting "--down in a book or course, and I d never really done it.  I ve been a part of the publishing industry long enough to know that they see writing either in the structural sense OR the internal psychological/spiritual sense, but never both  

You see, I've watched so hopeful writers  floundering through the maze of mediocre advise it s actually depressing.

About two years ago, while traveling in Tanzania with my daughter Nicki, I was was charged by an elephant (!) an event that, quite understandably, had me contemplating my mortality. On the 20-hour flight home I had an epiphany, and decided that it was time to "empty out my head" and make certain my hard-won knowledge would be available to everyone who really wanted to learn. But several preconditions had to be met:   

  1. It had to be reasonably complete. In other words, YOU DON'T NEED TO BUY ANYTHING ELSE.   
  2. It had to be simple: just follow the instructions.   
  3. It has to be filled with hundreds of the very best exercises and ideas, things you won't find in any other book on writing--as well as the best wisdom that currently exists.   
  4. It has to demand that the student create genuinely finished product. You may be surprised at my suggestions in this arena. Whether you want to write novels, screenplays, plays, or whatever, this approach is the "fast track" to writing success, and will "skyrocket" your skill so fast you won't recognize your own work!   
  5. It has to imprint the basic skills of storytelling on your subconscious--otherwise you will never release your true artistic drive...you'll be too busy trying to remember your lessons!   
  6. It has to be flexible. Each student starts at a different place, has different needs and capacities. It needs to respect them all.   
  7. It has to offer the student FREE contact with me! That's right...just stay tuned to see how this all works.   
  8. It has to be appropriate for both literary/academic writers, and those who want a commercial career.

Well, after years of talking about it, I ve done it. I ve created a ONE YEAR PROGRAM, designed to take the novice writer and ZOOM them ahead faster than they ever dreamed. Here's what it contains:

A TWO-CD SET explaining my unique "Lifewriting" system of writing from "The inside-out." Unleash a FLOOD of creativity. SMASH writer's block forever (I m never blocked, and I can tell you exactly how to do the same thing!). Learn how to take your personal experience and channel it into the best writing of your life!

SIX MORE CD'S drawn from one of the only live lectures in which I taught my entire system. This is rare, priceless, golden wisdom, a gem-a-minute treasure trove of real-world, usable, dynamic teaching.

A 260 PAGE WORKBOOK, taking you by the hand through the next year of your writing life. You will work both hard AND smart, and

ONE YEAR FROM THE DAY YOU GET YOUR KIT, if you follow his advice carefully, you will vastly increase your odds of developing professional-level skill.  (By the way: NO ONE can promise you a career.  But what CAN be promised is an opportunity to explore the limits of your own potential.)

A MONTHLY MOVIE GUIDE. That's right--every month you will watch a movie, selected from the list of films analyzed   according to "Lifewriting." Just rent, watch, read, and let your subconscious soak it in. Unbelievably easy and fun.

And here's the Corker: A CERTIFICATE GOOD FOR A FREE SHORT STORY EVALUATION BY ME  AND MY STAFF. How much would this cost ordinarily? At least five hundred dollars--if you could nail me down to do it at all!

And here's the end-all deal: A FREE fifteen minute telephone consultation with me! That's right, and believe me, only after polling my students and finding out the single most valuable thing they would want from such a course, did I agree to do this.  


I don't even teach much anymore I m   too busy with the novels, movie work,   and my family.  I charge between eighty and a hundred and fifty dollars an hour to teach martial arts and fitness, or a minimum of three thousand dollars to travel for a single hour's lecture.  

Go out on the Internet and you'll find people without a single produced credit charging FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS for a ten-week course. But after spending   THOUSANDS of hours, and HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of dollars gathering these skills and techniques together, I m  willing to sell this for only ONE HUNDRED NINTY-NINE DOLLARS. You'd pay twice that to attend a weekend "Guru" seminar.  

Yes, the price will be going up as soon as the second edition is ready, but I wanted to get this into as many eager hands as possible. STEVEN BARNES' LIFEWRITING carries a 100% ONE-YEAR UNCONDITIONAL MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE. That's right. You can do every lesson, get your evaluation, even have your phone call with me--and then get EVERY DIME BACK!

Why am I doing something this crazy? Because, simply, I see myself in every young and old writer. I remember when I was a little kid from South Central L.A. who just wanted to be a storyteller, and the agony I went through learning the lessons that enabled me to survive.

That s why you ll learn not merely storytelling but:

  1. Smashing writer's block.
  2. Deep characterization
  3. Goal setting
  4. Keeping your energy and enthusiasm  
  5. Building a balanced, healthy artistic and personal life.
  6. Breaking into the industry.
  7. How much reading you should be doing.
  8. How to generate story ideas
  9. How to evolve your own, personal style.

And much, much more! Here s  the most important statement I can make about my approach.  If this doesn t sound like what you re looking for, trust your instinct, and spend your money elsewhere.  But if it does, please believe that I will do everything in my power to give you the result you desire:

Lifewriting is a process by which you link the internal and external worlds of the writer, so that everything you learn in life automatically makes you a better storyteller, and everything you write automatically makes you a better person.

That s it, right there in a nutshell.  If that idea intrigues you, then join me in a fascinating journey. This will be one of the very best life or career investments you have ever made.

Get started today-- Don't just write...LIFEWRITE!


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