If there is any single thing which I believe most strongly, it is that we all have the capacity to bring our most cherished dreams to life. What is required is motivating goals, discipline, honesty, and sufficient personal power to ACT.

Life is a wonderful, complex, demanding game. The way to win is to decide what you want, focus on that goal, surround yourself with people who will support your dream, and nurture the ability to laugh at yourself.

"Up, sluggard, and waste not life--there'll be rest enough in the grave."
Benjamin Franklin


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Fax: 866-655-1469


New York (Literary Fiction)

Eleanor Wood
Spectrum Literary Agency
432 Park Ave.
New York, NY

Los Angeles (Visual Media)

Jonathan Westover
The Gage Group
9255 Sunset Blvd. Suite 515
Los Angeles, CA 90069


Born: March 1, 1952 in Los Angeles, CA.

Occupation: Writer, Lecturer, Creative Consultant, Human Performance Technician.

Education: Los Angeles High School
Pepperdine University
Majoring in Communication Arts

Certified HypnoTherapist:
Transformative Arts Institute, San Anselmo,  Ca

Martial Arts:

Brown Belt: Shorenji Jiu Jitsu

Black Belt: Kodokan Judo,  AIKKA Kenpo Karate

4th Degree Black Belt, BKF Kenpo (Wu Shur Shin Chuan Fa, Steve Muhammad (Sanders) system.



Selected Lecturing Credits:

Instructor at the UCLA Creative Writing Program, 1989- 1994.

Host of Radio show Hour 25. KPFK 90.7 FM.

Lectured on writing and the structure of creativity for MENSA, Pasadena Jet Propulsion Laboratory, USC film school, etc.

Interviewed and profiled on over 100 radio and television shows in the United States and England.

Creator and Facilitator of the LifeWriting Workshops.
Smithsonian Institute, March 2003
Maui Writer's Workshop, Summer 2003, 2004 


Selected Writing Credits:


Little Fuzzy, adaptation of the classic science fiction novel by H. Beam Piper (1979)

"The Test", adaptation of the Stanislaw Lem short story for Disney Cable (1982)

"Teacher's Aide", teleplay for CBS television's The

"To See The Invisible Man"  The Twilight Zone, (1985) (adaptation of the Robert Silverberg Short story). Aired 1986.

"Moaning Stones" Script for animated Real Ghostbusters Aired 11-5-87.

"H.E.N.R.I. VIII" Hour long episode of The Wizard, CBS television. Aired March, 1987.

"Selena's World"--Development of Children's Educational Science-Fantasy/Science series, WGBH, PBS Boston.

"Lover's Cove" Episode of Baywatch (season opener, 1993)

"Rescue Bay" episode of Baywatch, aired Feb 1994

"Homecoming" episode of Baywatch, aired Feb 1995

"A Stitch In Time" episode of The Outer Limits, aired January 1996

"The Heist" Episode of Outer Limits, 1996

"Music of the Spheres" episode of Outer Limits, 1997

"Vision Quest" Episode of  Ice Planet (1999)

"But Fear Itself" Episode of Ice Planet (1999)

"Light Dancer" Episode of Ice Planet (1999)
  "Brief Candle"  Episode of StarGate SG-1 (2000)
"The Sum of It's Parts" Episode of Andromeda  (2000)


Inauguration Day.  In development, State Street Pictures, 2009

The Soulstar Commission for Tercel Productions. 1987.

Creative consultant for the "Sakura Ninja" series of action- adventure films.

Creative Consultant on The Secret of Nimh, full-length
animated cartoon from United Artists and Don Bluth Productions, 1981.


Dream Park (With Larry Niven), Ace Books 1981.

The Descent of Anansi (With Larry Niven) Tor Books, 1982

Streetlethal Ace Books, 1983.

The Kundalini Equation Tor Books, May 1986.

The Legacy of Heorot Pocket Books, written with Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle. Simon and Schuster , July 1987.

The Barsoom Project, Ace Books August 1989.

FUSION Five-part graphic novel for Eclipse Comics. 1987

Gorgon Child, Tor Books, December 1989.

Achilles' Choice (With Larry Niven), Tor 1991

The California Voodoo Game (With Larry Niven), 1991

FireDance-Tor, 1993

These works have been variously translated into Italian, Spanish, German, Japanese, Dutch, Hungarian and Polish.

Beowulf's Children, Tor, 1995 (With Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle)

Blood Brothers, Tor, 1996

Iron Shadows, Tor, 1997

Far Beyond the Stars, Bantam, 1998

Saturn's Race, Tor, 2000

Charisma, Tor 2000

Lion's Blood, Warner 2002
 Zulu Heart, Warner 2003
The Cestus Deception,  Random House 2005
Great Sky Woman, Random House 2006  
Casanegra (With Blair Underwood and Tananarive Due) Atria 2006
In the Night of the Heat (With Blair Underwood and Tananarive Due) Atria 2008
Shadow Valley, Random House 2009
The Moon Maze Game (with Larry Niven)--Coming in 2010
From Cape Town With Love (With Blair Underwood and Tananarive Due)--Coming in 2010

Selected Short Stories:

"The Locusts" Analog Magazine, June 1979 (Nominated for the Hugo award)

"Endurance Vile" Isaac Asimov's S.F. Magazine August 1980

"Retrospective" Destinies, summer 1980

"...but fear itself." The Magic May Return, Ace Books, 1981

"The Thing in My Head" Previews Magazine, October, 1985

"Yelloweye" for Robert Adams's Horseclans anthology 1987

"Killsister" for Robert Adam's Horseclans anthology 1988

"Sandman" for Roger Zelazny's martial arts anthology Warriors of Mist and Dream 1995
"Woman In The Wall" for Dark Matter anthology 2002 
"Danger Word" for Dark Dreams anthology 2004



Ki, Sen-do publications, 1976

LifeWriting (workbook and tape set), Ronin Arts Publications, 1992

Non-fiction articles have appeared in:

  • Los Angeles Magazine,
  • Beyond,
  • Daily News,
  • Ampersand,
  • Black Belt,
  • Karate Illustrated,
  • Fighting Stars,
  • Vegetarian World,

and over a dozen more.

Kung-Fu columnist for Black Belt Magazine June 1986-June 1989.

Videotape Productions


  • LifeWriting/TOTAL SUCCESS tape, 1993
  • Firedance Tai Chi tape, 1994
  • The Art of Storytelling,   1999
  • Lifewriting writing system, 1999

Profiled in:


  • Players Magazine, February, 1988.
  • African Heritage Literature Review, July/August 1991
  • Signal newspaper, June 20th, 1991

Martial and Physical Arts:

Black Belt in Kenpo Karate (AIKKA style), and Kodokan Judo, Instructor certificate inWu Ming Ta, Instructor candidate ranking in Filipino Kali stick and knife fighting, Advanced Student in Jun Fan Kickboxing (Bruce Lee method under Danny Inosanto), Instructor in Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan under Hawkins Cheung. Intermediate student in Self Defense pistol shooting (Turnipseed modified Weaver method).

Also holds Brown Belt in Shorenji Jiu Jitsu, intermediate rankings in Tae Kwon Do and Aikido. Additional (limited) experience in boxing, Western fencing, wrestling, Wing Chun Kung Fu, Shotokan Karate, and French Savate.

Completed the Yoga Works basic Hatha Yoga instructor program.

Presently studying Pentjak Silat (an Indonesian fighting system) with Guru Stevan Plinck, and Ashtanga Yoga (a rare, Aerobic form of yoga).


Steve lives in Covina, California with his  wife, Tananarive Due, near his ex-wife and good friend Toni, his daughter Lauren (born March 16, 1986),  son Jason Kai Due-Barnes, two cats, a ghost dog, Hipshot, and three invisible boneless pigs.